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Not sure how these will work in practice yet, but they were incredibly easy. Also unsure whether it is better to use Everclear or regular old 80 proof Vodka, so we did half of each. The process was simple:

In a wide-mouth jar, fill with herbs or whatever you’re using for the tincture. Cover (and then some) with the alcohol. Let sit and keep an eye on. Once the alcohol seems to have leeched all the color from the botanical, strain it out and seal into a dropper bottle. Assorted reading has led me to believe that leaving the botanicals in the alcohol beyond this point only serves to make it more bitter than it has to be.

These are the 5 we started out with:

1) Rosemary
Pretty self-explanatory. Small fistful of rosemary, covered with Everclear. Seemed to hit peak of color around the two hour mark.

2) Jalapeno
This one is going to be interesting to try. Didn’t use actual jalapenos, as I was out, so just attempted with a tea bag full of dried red pepper flakes. It was slow to start leeching color, but in the end only took about 3 hours. Tried a drop, and it is actually pretty hot. Want to also try out with real peppers. Used Vodka rather than Everclear.

3) Lemon Clove
Tea bag full of ground clove (would have preferred whole cloves, but didn’t have any) and the zest of one lemon (no pith). The clove lost color and went gray after about 45 minutes, so I removed that and left the lemon for an additional hour or so. Vodka, not Everclear.

4) Mint
Same as the rosemary.

5) Cinnamon
Used the tea bag method again with ground cinnamon because we were out of whole sticks. Tastes pretty good, would like to try the alternative. Maybe could have let sit longer than I did OR use more cinnamon because while tasty, could stand to be stronger.


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