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1 oz Root Liquor
1 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Grand Marnier
1 egg white
2 dashes Peychaud bitters

served up with a cherry garnish

NOTES: tried with Canton instead of Grand Marnier first, was not nearly as good. Would also be interested in substituting Cardamom for Peychaud. Real cherries (or luxardo cherries) would also most likely be better than maraschino. Egg whites emulsify better when shaken with alcohol and no ice first, then add ice and shake more.


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Chill glass with water and ice. Dump, then Herbsaint rinse on glass, rim with lemon rind. Leave rind in the glass.

3 oz Powers Irish Whiskey
0.75 oz simple syrup
5 dashes Peychaud bitters

Pour into prepared glass

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