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2 oz Bourbon
0.5 oz Pineapple basil shrub (recipe below)
0.25 oz maple syrup
0.25 oz dry vermouth

Shake ingredients with ice, pour over crushed ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with pineapple left over from making the shrub.

Pineapple Basil Shrub
1 small pineapple
1/2 bottle apple cider vinegar
5 oz sugar
10 leaves basil

Cut pineapple into chunks and place into container. Fill with vinegar until pineapple is submerged. Allow to sit in sealed container for 4 days, shaking once a day. After 4 days, strain solids from vinegar. Combine 6 oz pineapple vinegar with 5 oz sugar and 10 leaves of basil. Simmer for 10 minutes. Strain again and cool before serving or bottling.

NOTES: Wish I had used rosemary instead of basil as recipe called for, but I didn’t have any. Not bad, but rosemary would have been better. Next time, try honey syrup instead of maple syrup, perhaps try sweet vermouth. Overall, not bad. More refreshing than expected.


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